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Welcome to Kim's Kids Daycare, where fun and learning go hand in hand!

Kim's Kids Daycare is located in Orleans, Ontario, specifically, on Boake Street in Fallingbrook South with easy access from Innes Road.  I am a home-based childcare located on a quiet street near Tenth Line and Innes Road (Innes and Esprit, or Orchardview) I provide daycare for, but are not limited to, the communities of Fallingbrook North and South, Avalon, East Village, Urbandale and Queenswood Heights. We are located only a few seconds from express bus routes to the Ottawa downtown core. We provide childcare for children from 6 months to 4 years of age.


FYI:  The new Ontario Childcare Modernization Law came into effect on August 31, 2016.


Under this law, private home daycare providers taking any new children after January 1, 2015, will be limited to 5 children under the age of 13 in their home at any one time, (including before and after school age care children) and only 2 can be under the age of 2, including the providers own children.  Providers sub-contracted by an agency may have slightly different rules, but will also be limited to the 2 under 2 years of age rule.   




Availability: Monday to Friday's, except bank holidays. Please see "Rates and Hours of Operations" page for more detailed info.

Kims Kids currently has two full time spaces available. 


Please contact me for more information on an available space based on your needs. Please include hours, and days (M-F) of care needed, (estimated drop off and pick up times daily) and your expected start date. I will respond within 24 hours.


Please note I only provide full time care. to children under 2 years old.  I do part time care (as space allows) for children over 2 years of age.   Daycare opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes promptly at 5:00 p.m. 

At Kim's Kid's Daycare we specialize in fun!

Kim's Kids has a large dedicated main floor playroom, and an alternate playroom downstairs, with developmentally appropriate toys and games for your child's growth.  I have a ZERO TELEVISION policy, meaning your children will watch no television while in my care.

For your peace of mind:

I have been Pediatric CPR and First Aid Trained. I have been federally and locally police checked. 

You are visitor number : 38155





Why a "Home" Daycare?

As a childcare professional, and a parent of many years I have made it my business to understand the needs of the small child (and the bigger ones lately too! LOL) I understand that as new parents you can overwhelmed with making the "right" choice for your child and your childcare needs. If you don't have immediate family ready and willing to look after your little one when you go to work it can be very hard to navigate the daycare world and find the right answer for you. There are seemingly many options and choices and in all price ranges too!

Each and every person will develop in their lifetime a model that the believe to be the right way to raise a child. My model has come to be the attachment model, and I firmly believe children should not be exposed to an institutional environment (large daycare center) until at least the age of 36 months or more. Studies have born out the fact that babies and toddlers develop better emotionally if they have a good primary bond with one caregiver (typically Mom) and "can avoid stress and anxiety (in non-parental daycare) if they develop a lasting secondary bond with one caregiver who is consistantly accessible to them." (Sir Richard Bowlby, 2007)

This is why I believe a home daycare is the best non-parental form of care your child can receive during their formative years. Please take the time to consider this when making your daycare choice.